The Clinical Working Party

The Clinical Working Party (CLIN WP) meets 2-3 a year has the task of devising ways of validating the proposed standard for Aspergillus PCR in a clinical setting. It liaises with other academic groups such as the EBMT and EORTC to identify study proposals with the potential for translational research.

Rosemary Barnes (Chair), Cardiff
Catherine Cordonnier, Paris
Werner Heinz, Wuerzburg
Brian Jones, Scotland
Lena Klingspor, Stockholm
Tom Rogers, Dublin
Johan Maertens, Leuven

Dr Rosemary A Barnes, MA, MD

Treasurer of the EAPCRI, Chair of the Clinical Working Party
Department of Infection, Immunity and Biochemistry
School of Medicine
Cardiff University
Hearth Park
Cardiff, CF14 4XN, UK
Tel: +44-29-207-421-66

Rosemary Barnes is Clinical Reader in Medical Microbiology and acting head of the Department of Infection, Immunity and Biochemistry at the School of Medicine at Cardiff University.

She qualified from Cambridge University and Westminster Medical School.

Her research interests include infections in immunocompromised patients. A particular focus is the rapid diagnosis of invasive fungal infection and the impacts this has on the optimal use of antifungal agent and patient outcomes.

Catherine Cordonnier, Paris

Dr. Werner J. Heinz, PhD

Member of the Clinical Working Party
University Hospital Wuerzburg
Medical Clinic II
Division of Infectious Diseases
Oberdarrbacher Str. 6
D-97080 Wuerzburg
Tel.: + 49 931/201-40044
Fax.:+ 49 931/201-640044

Dr. Werner Heinz is working as specialist for infectious diseases at an university hospital and center for hematology and oncology. Here he is taking care for patients with a broad range of acute and chronic infections. A specific area of interest is the prophylaxis and treatment of infections in patients with hematological malignancies.

He is member of the German working group for infections in hemato-oncology, and coauthor of several guidelines for infectious complications in this patient population. He is participating in several clinical trials investigating antimicrobial treatment or prevention of infectious complications in patients with hematological malignancies, mainly invasive fungal infections. Another focus is the evaluation and validation of markers for diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis.

Dr Brian L Jones, PhD

Member of Clinical Working Party of EAPCRI
Dept of Clinical Microbiology
Royal Infirmary
Glasgow G4 OSF
Tel.: + 141 211 4640/4651
Tel.: 07977 038572
Fax.:+ 49 931/201-640044

Brian Jones is a Consultant Clinical Microbiologist and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Glasgow. He qualified in Immunology and Medicine from the University of Glasgow. He is the lead microbiologist for antimicrobial management in the Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board. His clinical and research interests include the epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infection in haemato-ocology and neonatal intensive care patients.

Dr Lena Klingspor, MD, PhD

Member of the EAPCRI laboratory Working Party and in the steering commitee of the Clinical working Party
Karolinska Institutet
Department of Laboratory Medicin
Division of Clinical Microbiology, F 72
Karolinska University Hospital
SE-141 86 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 5858 7839
Mobile: 0704-84 1939
Fax: + 46 8 5858 1125

Ass. Prof. Lena Klingspor  is the medical Head of the Mycology Unit at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge and Solna and also works as a consultant Senior Physician in Paediatrics.

Research has been focused on the field of Medical Mycology concerning: Epidemiology, Clinic, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment in children and adults. In diagnostics: To develop and to evaluate different diagnostic tests in patients.

Prof Tom Rogers, MD, PhD

Member of the EAPCRI laboratory Working Party and in the steering commitee of the Clinical working Party
Trinity College Dublin
Clinical Microbiology
School of Medicine
Physiotherapy Building, Sjh
Tel: +353 1 896 2131
Fax: +35 01 8968566

Ass. Prof. Tom Rogers is head of the Clinical Microbiology Department of Trinity College Dublin. He has a long standing interest in developing more effective diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis in haematological malignancy patients.

Current research includes evaluation of PCR assays and their role in management pathways of stem cell transplant patients. He is also interested in new strategies for antifungal prophylaxis.

Johan Maertens, Leuven